January/February 2023 Newsletter

A Note from Our CEOFamily Services Strongby Leah Feldman When I started at Family Services 13 years ago as a Victim Advocate, I never imagined I would be writing to you today as CEO of this great agency. As I prepare for this new role, I am continually reminded of the thing that remains fundamentally […]

September/October 2022

  A Note from Our CEO Remember Where You Came From by Brian Doyle Remember where you came from” – These words have been spoken by individuals who might be envious of another’s achievements and accomplishments coming out of a marginalized community and yet achieving success in their lives. That envious person might be unconsciously reinforcing […]

July/August 2022

  A Note from Our CEO Saving Our Children: Guns are only part of the problem. by Brian Doyle In the days following the massacres at Buffalo and Uvalde there were necessary conversations about what measures could be taken to reduce access to lethal arms for those who would wield those horrible weapons to wound, […]

May/June 2022

  A Note from Our CEO What We Value:  Bringing People Together To Find the Support They Need, Improving Their Lives And Communities, And Building a Stronger, Safer Hudson Valley. by Brian Doyle Along with our clear mission, we hold our agency values close to our hearts as they are embedded in our mission and […]

March/April 2022 Newsletter

  A Note from Our CEO Reminding Yourself to be Hopeful by Brian Doyle   At Family Services we often say that our most important work is helping people to see within themselves the assets and strength to overcome their challenges, to make better their own lives. Perhaps that is no more true anywhere than […]

January/February 2022 Newsletter

  A Note from Our CEO Back and Forth by Brian Doyle   A relentless pandemic; Unprecedented staffing difficulties; Increases in violence that impacts youth, families and community; A farewell and best wishes to a number of longstanding Family Services staff, perhaps most notably, the talents of Robin Peritz and Joan Crawford – These were […]