Gun Involved Violence Elimination (GIVE)

Family Services’ GIVE program utilizes the Phoenix Curriculum which is a proven motivational interviewing (MI) and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) model that reduces resistance, builds student participation, and guides the process of change. The curriculum provides problem solving and coping skills for avoidance, escape, refusal, or resistance that follows a proven social learning model with the critical goal of increasing individual self-efficacy.

The Phoenix Curriculum can assist in the county’s efforts to combat substance abuse, gang activity, aggression and violence, and other delinquency. The curriculum is also flexible and able to fit the needs of the PINS, juvenile probation, and pre-diversion programs in Dutchess County. The curriculum contains worksheets/workbooks and activities/activity cards at easy reading levels and group discussion scenarios for topics like motivational enhancement, emotional intelligence, problem solving, choices and changes, and protective and risk factors.

Youth who have participated in the Phoenix Curriculum are able to:

  • Reduce their vulnerability to high risk people, places, things , and situations
  • Use specific techniques to handle risks effectively
  • Demonstrate competence in problem solving and avoidance, feelings management, and impulse control.
  • Identify and engage critical protective factors or assets, including developing a network of safe and supportive people
  • Develop pro-social values and behaviors