Community Safety


SNUG is an evidence-based street outreach program based on the Cure Violence Model in Chicago, which treats gun violence like a disease by identifying its causes and interrupting its transmission. The program focuses on youth between the ages of 14 and 24 who are at high risk for involvement with gun violence. The SNUG team develops and implements risk-reduction strategies to reduce that involvement with the goal of saving lives and helping individuals turn their lives around.

Relapse Intervention for Sex Crimes (RISC)

The Relapse Intervention for Sex Crimes (RISC) program is a community-based treatment program for adult males and females who have committed sex offenses. RISC also provides services for non-offending family members and supporters.

Personal Empowerment and Conflict Education (PEACE)

Personal Empowerment And Conflict Education (PEACE) is a 16-week, psycho-educational program for women who act out aggressively in family and personal relationships. PEACE empowers women and helps them understand the belief systems and personal history that my contribute to their behavior. PEACE provides tools, guidance and support for making positive changes to benefit self, family, and others.

Domestic Abuse Awareness Classes (DAAC)

Domestic Abuse Awareness Classes (DAAC) is a psycho-educational program for men to address the crime of domestic abuse. While attending the 26 or 52 week program participants identify and discuss abusive relationship behaviors and explore methods for building healthy relationships and preventing future abusive behavior.