Family Programs

Family Services provides critical support to stabilize families and ensure child safety. Programs are tailored to each individual and include both group and in-home support, as well as supervised visitation and childcare services at Family Court. We also provide referrals to services that supply necessities and access to opportunity for families.

Family Advocate Program

The Family Advocate provides critical support and access to resources when a family member is suffering from a substance use disorder. We’re here to help stabilize families.

Supervised Visitation

Critical support for families referred by the Dutchess County Family Court. The Supervised Visitation program provides a safe, nurturing, and neutral environment where non-custodial parents and children can visit together.

Family Education Program

Home-based and group-based parenting education for families in Ulster and Orange Counties. We strengthen and support families by enhancing their nurturing skills and provide a safe place for caregivers and children to learn and grow.