Family Programs

Family Advocate Program

The Family Advocate helps connect Ulster County residents with drug and alcohol treatment services. The Advocate can educate families on available treatment options, assist with the intake process, help remove obstacles to treatment, such as, lack of insurance or insurance denials, and support families in crisis due to addiction. The Advocate provides information on 12 Step programs, counseling, medication assisted treatment and opioid overdose reversal medication (NARCAN). The Advocate is available to talk with those in contemplation of seeking treatment, those ready for treatment and families who are concerned that their loved ones might have a substance use disorder.

Supervised Visitation Program

Family Services provides supervised visitation services in the Dutchess County Family Court for non-custodial parents and their children when there is an indication or allegation of domestic violence, child abuse, substance and or alcohol abuse, or threats of abduction. This program provides a safe, neutral environment where non-custodial parents and children can visit together. Trained staff and volunteers support and monitor these family visits. The Supervised Visitation Program also offers staggered arrival times and court officers on duty before, during and after visits.

Family Education

The Family Education Program provides home-based and group-based parenting education to families in Ulster County and Orange County, NY. We strive to strengthen and support families by “meeting them where they are at” and enhancing their nurturing skills. Family Educators offer home visits with parents and children at times that are conducive for learning. We provide supportive modeling and coaching of effective parenting skills, using a variety of resources, including the evidence-based Nurturing Parenting Program curriculum.

Children’s Center at Dutchess County Family Court

The Children’s Center Program provides a safe and fun environment for children from 6 weeks to 12 years of age. We provide childcare for the children who have families that have business within the courthouse building. Our program provides board games and computer games, arts & crafts projects, reading, snack and dramatic play. We also provide referrals to services around the area like daycare WIC, Medicaid, literacy programs, counseling, support programs, and further resources that may be useful to families. Our number one goal is to make families feel safe and supported.