Teen Resource Activity Center (TRAC)

Our Philosophy
TRAC provides supervision and invaluable mentoring to Poughkeepsie youth. Young people come after school to participate in recreation, healthy living workshops,  and enrichment activities.  Youth can even learn to produce their own music and podcasts in our Community Music Studio Learning Room.  Youth also receive academic assistance, exam preparation, and have the opportunity relax and socialize with friends in a safe and supportive environment. The Center serves as a support system for local teens.

TRAC is in-person Monday through Friday from 4:00pm-8:30pm for middle school students and high school students. To learn more about our in-person programming contact, Debra Long  at dlong@familyservicesny.org.  All participants must complete an application in advance. (See the TRAC Application form on the side bar).

TRAC teens share why after school programs are important

TRAC activities include:

  • Physical activity — Each day, participants engage in either basketball, baseball or other sports
  • Work readiness training — During the Summer Youth Employment Program, youth learn work readiness skills and secure job placements over the course of 8 weeks. Additional workshops happen throughout the school year.
  • Healthy living workshops — TRAC collaborates with other organizations to provide workshops on nutrition, financial literacy, and sexually transmitted infections and teen pregnancy
  • A Nutritious Meal is served each day (middle school students who begin at 4:00pm also receive a snack)
  • Academic Assistance — TRAC provides academic assistance through mentoring, homework help, and exam preparation. TRAC engages teens in activities that help youth develop the tools and skills that are needed to be successful in school, the community, and their futures.
    During program hours, youth receive assistance with homework and study skills. Tutoring and homework assistance is provided by college interns, community volunteers, and program staff. Youth also participate in activities that incorporate STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) concepts with our sports programming. TRAC is equipped with computers and tablets to assist youth with their school assignments, test preparation, and college searches.
  • Creative Arts — Includes self-expression through media, drama and visual arts. Youth have the opportunity to create original theatre for performance in the spring as well as produce music and podcasts in our studios.
  • Cultural Exploration —Includes ethnic celebrations and cultural origin activities.
  • Service Learning — Community service projects are designed and implemented by youth.
  • Family Nights
  • Parent Activities and In-services — Includes workshops on internet safety, parent/child conflict resolution, and middle school/high school transitioning.

Poughkeepsie Youth Theatre (PYT Programming is currently on hold)

Poughkeepsie Youth Theatre (PYT) welcomes young people ages 13-18 interested in creating and performing original theatre. No experience is necessary. In this weekly, free after school program, participants play drama games, improvise scenes, and learn to act on stage. Each spring, PYT youths perform a play that they have built together. The event is free for the public. Reflecting on their world and what matters to them, participants engage in story-circles, create scenes, improvise them, and determine what has most meaning in devising their play. Supported by theatre professionals as well as Vassar College and Dutchess Community College drama students, participants rehearse and refine their work in preparation for performance.

Through this process, PYT participants gain:

  • Confidence in self-expression
  • Fluency in articulating their idea
  • Experience in acting and performing
  • Skill in projecting their voices on stage
  • Facility in stage movement and physical expression
  • Respect for sharing space for others’ creative input
  • Involvement in group discussions
  • Knowledge of crafting a narrative for the stage
  • Proficiency in staging
  • Exposure to theatrical production elements such as sound and lighting
  •  A sense of belonging with peers
  •  Insight that theatre is a form of expression available to anyone

2020 PYT’s Radio Play: Old Uncle Saugus
Synopsis: Alex and Lona, two college housemates embark on a much needed break from school. But their surprise visit to Alex’s “fun and welcoming” “Uncle Harry” proves to be anything but. Can the students find their way back from this vacation-gone-bad when they suddenly find themselves trapped and in danger? Find out in this radio mystery theatre play performed by Poughkeepsie Youth Theatre.