Our Impact – Family Programs

Utilizing best practices in the field and evidenced based curricula, Family Services provides critical support to stabilize families and ensure child safety.  Our Family Support Services are grounded in research and are tailored to each individual and family need, while highlighting the strengths that are present in every family. Through this person-centered approach, we are able to examine the effectiveness of the outcome for each adult, child and family served.   In 2020, 646 Children and Caregivers received Family Support Services.

Family Services utilizes two evidence-based curricula in our work with children and families in Ulster and Orange Counties as part of our Family Education Program.   The Nurturing Parenting Program is a family centered and trauma informed program designed to build nurturing parenting skills that reduce abusive neglectful parenting practices.  Research shows that the program increases family functioning, increases parental self-awareness and knowledge of proper (non-abusive) parenting strategies, increases self-awareness in children, and reduces recidivism rates of child abuse and maltreatment.  (1)

Parenting Journey is an evidence-based group program with more than 35 years of enhancing family systems. Parenting Journey focuses on expanding the participant’s inner strengths, life skills and networks of resources they need to succeed.   Graduates of the Parenting Journey Program experience a multitude of positive impact including:  A positive change in their relationships with other people in general (90%); . A transition from negative feelings to positive feelings about life and themselves (86%); A positive change in their relationship with their children (86%); and an ability to freely communicate accomplishments resulting from their participation in the program (77%).  (2)

Utilizing evidenced based work in homes throughout Dutchess and Orange Counties, Family Services is making an impact in the lives of children and families throughout the Hudson Valley.  In a recent client satisfaction survey of Family Education Program participants, 93% of parents and guardians agree or strongly disagree that they can use the nurturing parenting skills they learned through the program.  86% of parents believe their family has made positive changes and 96% feel connected to other resources as needed.  Even during the pandemic, when many services were provided through zoom or driveway visits, 96% of families report being satisfied or very satisfied in their ability to accomplish their goals through the Family Education Program.  Family Services is also proud to report that in 2020, 100% of the children served through the Family Education Program in Orange were able to remain in the custody of their parents/ guardians.


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