Teen Resource Activity Center (TRAC)

Our Philosophy
TRAC provides supervision and invaluable mentoring to Poughkeepsie youth. Young people come after school to participate in the TRAC Panthers Basketball team, Poughkeepsie Youth Theatre, to receive academic assistance and exam preparation, and to relax with friends. The Center serves as a support system for local teens.

TRAC activities include:

  • Physical activity — Each day, participants engage in either basketball or baseball
  • Work readiness training — During the Summer Youth Employment Program, youth
    learn work readiness skills and secure job placements over the course of 8 weeks.
  •  Healthy living workshops — Each year, TRAC collaborates with other organizations to provide workshops on nutrition, financial literacy, and STD and teen pregnancy
  • A Nutritious Meal is served each day
  •  Academic Assistance — TRAC provides academic assistance to at-risk youth in Dutchess County through mentoring, homework help, and exam preparation. TRAC engages teens in activities that help youth develop the tools and skills that are needed to be successful in school, the community, and their futures.
    During program hours, youth receive assistance with homework, study skills, and Regents and SAT exam preparation. Tutoring and homework assistance is provided by college interns, community volunteers, and program staff. Youth also participate in activities that incorporate STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) concepts with our sports programming. TRAC is equipped with computers and tablets to assist youth with their school assignments, test preparation, and college searches.

New to TRAC:

Poughkeepsie Youth Theatre

Poughkeepsie Youth Theatre (PYT) welcomes young people interested in creating and presenting original, collaborative theatre. Youth who participate in this free after school program have the opportunity to work alongside professional theater practitioners and Vassar College drama majors.

Activities include:

  • Theatre games and Improvisation
  • Scene building
  • Rehearsal, Discussion, and Reflection