Relapse Intervention for Sex Crimes (RISC)

The Relapse Intervention for Sex Crimes (RISC) program is a community-based treatment program for adult males and females who have committed sex offenses. RISC also provides services for non-offending family members and supporters.

The RISC program provides psychosexual evaluations to determine appropriateness for community-based treatment, including presentence evaluations to assist the courts in sentencing decisions. RISC also provides comprehensive sex-offense-specific treatment which consists of group therapy, individual therapy sessions as needed, and post-conviction polygraph examinations. Specific treatment needs for individuals in the RISC program are determined based on standardized risk assessments. As part of treatment, RISC offers psycho-educational groups for family members and other supporters involved in our clients’ lives. RISC also provides a non-offender group designed to educate adult family members on the dynamics of sexual offending, how it has impacted their family, and how to keep their children safe. Referrals to the non-offender group are usually made by the Department of Children and Family Services and by Family Courts.