Personal Empowerment and Conflict Education (PEACE)


Personal Empowerment and Conflict Education (PEACE) is a forensic education program of Family Services.

PEACE is a 16 week psycho-educational program for women who have issues with violence and anger. Classes address the following topics:

  • Understanding anger as a normal emotion
  • Understanding the difference between anger and aggression
  • Understanding the effects of anger
  • Establishing and maintaining support systems
  • Tools for change

In order to cover the above-listed topics, classes focus on:

  • Understanding how belief systems affect behaviors and choices that perpetuate the cycle of violence
  • Accountability for past violence
  • Learning to listen and be assertive without the use of aggression
  • Breaking the cycle using mindfulness techniques and principles of positive psychology

The Dutchess County Office of Probation, the Department of Social Services and the Courts make referrals to the PEACE program. There is a fee for classes with a sliding scale based on personal income.


For More Information, contact 845.452.1110 ext. 3134

P.E.A.C.E Brochure

PEACE Referral Form