Community Safety Programs

FSIOutsideRelapse Intervention for Sex Crimes provides community-based therapy for sex offenders and non-offending family members. 

Relapse Intervention for Sex Crimes is part of Dutchess County’s multi-disciplinary approach to managing sex offenders with the goal of increasing community safety by reducing sex offender recidivism. 

Relapse Intervention for Sex Crimes offers evaluation, risk assessment, and group therapy for offenders age 18 and up. Specialized groups are available for younger clients (age 18-24), clients with low intellectual functioning, and female offenders. Relapse Intervention for Sex Crime’s non-offender program offers groups for adult family members to learn about the dynamics of sexual offending, how it has impacted their family, and how to keep their children safe. 

Clients are mandated to attend either the offender or non-offender program by their supervising agency, such as the Dutchess County Office of Probation and Community Corrections, New York State Parole, and the Dutchess County Department of Social Services.

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For More Information, contact 845.452.1110 ext. 3134


Domestic Abuse Awareness Classes for Men (DAAC) is a psycho-educational program that requires participants to identify and discuss abusive relationship behaviors and explore methods for building healthy relationships.

Domestic Abuse Awareness Classes for Men (DAAC) accepts referrals for service from the courts, the Department of Social Services, substance abuse treatment programs and other counseling agencies.

Classes are available in both English and Spanish. 
Fees for classes are on an income-based sliding scale.

Contact Information:
To Register: 845-452-1110 ext 3134

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Personal Empowerment and Conflict Education (PEACE) is a forensic education program of Family Services.

PEACE is a 16 week psycho-educational program for women who have issues with violence and anger. Classes address the following topics:

  • Understanding anger as a normal emotion
  • Understanding the difference between anger and aggression
  • Understanding the effects of anger
  • Establishing and maintaining support systems
  • Tools for change

In order to cover the above-listed topics, classes focus on:

  • Understanding how belief systems affect behaviors and choices that perpetuate the cycle of violence
  • Accountability for past violence
  • Learning to listen and be assertive without the use of aggression
  • Breaking the cycle using mindfulness techniques and principles of positive psychology

The Dutchess County Office of Probation, the Department of Social Services and the Courts make referrals to the PEACE program. There is a fee for classes with a sliding scale based on personal income.


For More Information, contact 845.452.1110 ext. 3134

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SNUG is an evidence-based street outreach program based on the Cure Violence Model in Chicago, which treats gun violence like a disease by identifying its causes and interrupting its transmission. The program focuses on youth between the ages of 14 and 24 who are at high risk for involvement with gun violence. The SNUG team develops and implements risk-reduction strategies to reduce that involvement with the goal of saving lives and helping individuals turn their lives around.  If you would like more information call 845-452-1110 x3189.