Family Services has been implementing Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP) with Marist College students since 2010 with funding from the NYS Department of Health designated to provide interpersonal primary prevention programming. In 2011, Family Services expanded the MVP program with funding from the US Department of Justice/Office on Violence Against Women, which included the production of public service announcements illustrating the effectiveness of bystander intervention in preventing sexual violence. In 2013 we received United Way of the Dutchess-Orange Region funding as part of a collaborative project with Grace Smith House in Dutchess County and Orange County Safe Homes in Orange County. In Dutchess County, Family Services was designated as the agency providing MVP to college students. This funding enabled Family Services to expand our MVP program to Vassar College and Dutchess Community College, as well as to offer the MVP Train the Trainer training to 24 individuals affiliated with our program and with our collaborative partners.

  "I had a really awesome time learning about things that I was apprehensive to engage in learning about. The environment was open and caring and promoted thoughtful conversation and ideas. Justin and Leanne really had a good grasp on how to teach the material and get everyone engaged. I learned a lot more than I thought I was going to and I am excited about the training I received and how it can be put into action here at Marist. If this class was taught more often, I believe that there would be less and less incidences of violence, rape, harassment, etc. Great job by you guys and I think it's awesome what you're doing for the community and really humanity as a whole.” –Zach (Marist Student completing MVP in Fall 2013)

“The MVP program is really a useful program because it teaches you how to deal with problems that you may see every day, but not realize you have the power to fix them. The program gives you confidence that you can make a difference in preventing violence whether it be at your college or right in your neighborhood. I highly recommend this program to my peers because it is a stress-free learning environment that everyone can benefit from. I learned how to diffuse potentially dangerous situations and now I feel more confident in stopping problems from happening when I see them.” --Matt (Marist Student completing MVP in Fall 2013)

MVP, founded in 1993 by Northeastern University’s Center for Sport in Society, is a gender violence prevention and education program that motivates boys and men and girls and women to play a central role in solving problems that historically have been considered women’s issues: rape, battery, sexual assault, and sexual harassment. Utilizing a bystander intervention approach to prevention, MVP views individuals as empowered bystanders who can recognize and confront abuse.

A Sexual Violence Bystander Intervention Toolkit

Mentors in Violence Prevention

Mentors in Violence Prevention Model


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