Press Releases

November 9, 2012

Good evening Chairman Rolison, members of the Dutchess County Legislature and County staff

My name is Brian Doyle and I am the Chief Executive Officer for Family Services which among other services provides Crime Victims Assistance, Domestic Violence Services, Relapse Intervention for Sex Crimes, Domestic Abuse Awareness Classes for men, Sexual Assault Forensic Examinations, Youth Employment Services, Youth Recreation and Academic Support Services, Supervised Visitation, After School Programs for Elementary School Students, and of course the Family Partnership Center.

I am pleased to say that Family Services enjoys a strong and collaborative relationship with County Government with many of the above- referenced  services receiving funding from or through the County. But well beyond the funding, this partnership is reflected in the many ways in which we interface in the development and implementation of thoughtful strategies that effectively address so many social ills and community needs with which we contend in this County. On behalf of the Board, Our Dedicated Staff, and most of all those who rely on our services – Thank you.

I was quite pleased and grateful to see that the County Executive’s proposed budget reflects a continuation of that partnership and I urge the legislature to ratify the same.

Let me also take this opportunity to thank the County Executive for engaging with the community of not for profit agencies and seeking our counsel as he moves forward toward a transformed County Government. That regard, respect and willingness to listen is greatly appreciated. The County Executive’s proposed Agency Partner Grant Program contains a number of elements emerging from those discussions and I think the County Executive is to be commended for this thoughtful approach to addressing evolving needs of the community, strengthening a climate of transparency, promoting quality improvement and effective and efficient use of taxpayer dollars. I hope that the County Legislature will endorse this approach.

Finally, I cannot leave without addressing what I believe is a crucial matter facing our community.

There is a great deal of controversy surrounding the matter of building a new County Jail. I know that the Criminal Justice Council and others have spent considerable time and thought on coming to the recommendations at hand.

Whether a new jail is built or it is not, we as a community have an obligation to better address the matter of crime BEFORE it occurs. I know this was not part of the charge given to the Criminal Justice Council. I understand. However it IS A CHARGE we, as a community,  must take on. We need to apply all thoughtful discipline to addressing how we as a community can better intervene in the lives of our children and young adults, and better engage them in ways that will turn them away from crime and self-destructive behaviors, and turn them toward lives of contribution and achievement. I know this is not easy, and God knows these issues are not restricted to Dutchess County, but we must as a County grapple with these issues in a far more rigorous manner. To that end, please consider convening a Council similar in scope, depth and authority to the Criminal Justice Council to address this so that we, in another 10 years are not considering once again how best to incarcerate today’s children. We owe that to our children and we owe that to ourselves.

Thank You.