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A crowd of approximately 370 attended the Family Services’ Family of the Year Awards Dinner on Thursday evening, April 21 at the Grandview in Poughkeepsie.  This noteworthy event recognizes and commends those individuals who have made significant contributions to the community and whose ideals reflect those of Family Services by providing hope, improving lives, and strengthening community. The 2016 Family of the Year Honorees were Barry & Rita Rothfeld who received the Lifetime Achievement Award and Steve & Shelley Turk who received the Quality of Life Award. 

Rothfeld Formal Photo 1 close upShelley and Steve Turk Formal 3 31 2016

The Family Services Family of the Year Awards Dinner is a flagship event for the agency serving as a major fundraiser but most importantly as a means to raise awareness and educate the community about its many programs - all with the mission of helping families and individuals help themselves through direct services, collaboration and advocacy.


At the end of the evening, Family Services Chief Executive Officer Brian Doyle stated “What a powerful way in which the community has shown support for the work of Family Services through the great turnout. And those who came were given an opportunity to hear a deeply moving story from someone who survived and is now thriving after having once been a victim of sexual assault thanks to her own strength and the support of our passionate staff at Family Services.”