Past Events


OCTOBER 7, 8, 9th 

Location: Family Partnership Center 29 North Hamilton St. Poughkeepsie, NY

Time: Oct. 7-9 9:00 AM-4:00 PM

Fee: $350.00

Fee includes Lunch

For questions, please call Amy Cole 845-331-5641 ext. 223

Payment is Due by October 1, 2014

Make Checks payable to Family Services and write Nurturing Workshop in the Memo line.

Please mail payment to

Family Services

29 North Hamilton Street

Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

The Program Implementation & Facilitation Workshop is a three day workshop that focuses on the philosophy of nurturing parenting,

the different Nurturing Programs available, research supporting the programs, the different delivery models of the programs,

levels of prevention as they relate to the number of sessions (dosage), the use of assessment and evaluation in ensuring the program’s success

and how to implement and facilitate the parents and the children’s programs.

The facilitators will gain competencies in the following areas:

    • The Principles of Nurturing Parenting

    • The Philosophy of Nurturing Parenting

    • How parenting Beliefs are Learned

    • The Five Parenting Constructs that constitute the content of the Nurturing Programs

    • The Concepts and Activities that form the Lessons presented in the Five Values of Nurturing Parenting

    • Built-in Assessments of the Nurturing Program

    • Implementing Home Based Program Models

    • Implementing Group Based Program Models

    • Marketing strategies