The Affiliated Agencies are committed to observing and ensuring high standards of business and personal ethics in the conduct of their duties and responsibilities. To this end the Affiliated Agencies have developed a whistleblower policy that is intended to encourage staff (paid and volunteer) and others to report suspected or actual occurrence(s) of illegal, unethical or inappropriate events (behaviors and practices) without retribution (a complete copy of this policy can be found in the Employee Handbook or obtained by contacting the Whistleblower Policy Administrator).



Whistleblower Policy Reporting Process:

  • The Whistleblower should promptly report the suspected or actual event to the Whistleblower Policy Administrator.  The Whistleblower can report the event with his/her identity or anonymously.  The Whistleblower Policy Administrator will advise the Audit Committee of all whistleblowing reports.
  • If the Whistleblower would be uncomfortable or otherwise reluctant to report to the Whistleblower Policy Administrator, then the Whistleblower can report to the Agency President or the Joint Audit Committee.  All instances of Whistleblowing that involve the Agency President or Whistleblower Policy Administrator should be reported directly to the Joint Audit Committee.


Whistleblower Contact Information: